Are you looking to make a difference and show your support for small businesses this Small Business Saturday? We've rounded up a list of five dog shops that are sure to bring a smile to your pup's face! Take a look at a few of our favorite businesses that will make Small Business Saturday extra special for you and your dog.


1. Boot Scootin Crochet

First up is a brand that's perfect for the dog that likes to dress their best! Boot Scootin Crochet is a vintage-style apparel brand for dogs. Each item is hand crocheted in Tempe, Arizona and is sure to have your dog looking and feeling their best!

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2. Boogs & Boop

Second is a Brooklyn, New York based dog brand, Boogs & Boop. Boogs & Boop is a pet accessories brand that was built with the safety and well-being of dogs at heart. Their accessories transcend your average dog accessories and are perfect for the dog and human that are always on the go!

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3. Wolf Pack Planet

Next on our list is Wolf Pack Planet, a pet care brand based in Denver, Colorado! If you're looking to spoil your dog with the ultimate care and attention, then you'll want to make space for this brand in your life! Their mission is to redefine pet care with services that are out of this world, making a positive impact on both pets and our shared cosmic habitat.

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4. Tailswag

Number four is a shop you're going to want to add to your list of places to visit with your dog, Tailswag! Tailswag is an ultra-unique pet boutique and treat bar in Littleton, New Hampshire. Their shop is stocked with a curation of pet products from small and thoughtful brands you won't typically find in other stores.

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5. DoggieDiggz

Last but definitely not least is DoggieDiggz in Denver, Colorado! DoggieDiggz handcrafts bandanas and pet tags for adventurous dogs and their humans. You and your dog can visit them at various pop-up markets in Denver or shop their products online!

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