About Us

Dirt & Dog Hair all started from a simple idea. We wanted to spoil dogs everywhere without having to sacrifice sustainability.

After years of working as a designer in the pet industry, we began to learn some things about your dog’s favorite toys and unfortunately, there’s more to Fido’s toy than meets the eye. We seemed to find an alarming correlation between the makings of those said dog toys and the “fast fashion” industry. To let you in on the secret, they use the same production methods and materials as those found in fast fashion. Yikes! Not good for our environment and not exactly what we want for our dog either.

That’s where we come in to play. We wanted better for all dogs, because let’s face it, they are family. That’s why we designed our line of eco-friendly dog toys and accessories for your furry child. We think you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

Dirt & Dog Hair only uses sustainably sourced materials that have a low impact on our environment. That way, we reduce our footprint (or pawprint!) in the production process, all the way to when your dog has loved their toy to pieces. Along with our materials being eco-friendly, we can say they also have the bonus of being vegan-friendly as well.  We don’t use materials containing animal products like wool, leather, or even inks and dyes with animal by-products in them!

Love for every animal is one of our core values. So go ahead, get your dog another surprise present. We know you want to, and we won’t tell!