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Dirt + Dog Hair

Bandage - Upcycled Sew On Dog Toy Patch (Pack of 2, colors randomized)

Bandage - Upcycled Sew On Dog Toy Patch (Pack of 2, colors randomized)

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Uh-oh, there's been an arful accident and your dog has no idea how stuffing got everywhere! Lucky for them you went to muttical school and have this handy toy patch that will do just the trick!

The thrill of a good rip, the sound of fabric tearing. We get it, for some dogs destroying a toy is the best way to play with it! Extend the life of your toys by repairing them before you re-buy them! Made out of 100% rescued cotton linen canvas fabric scrap to sustainably support your dog's err...destructive habits.

Size: 3" x 1.2"

*size and shape may vary slightly, color is randomized


How to sew a patch to your dog's toy:

1. Trim any frayed edges of the hole on your toy
using some scissors.

2. Place the patch flat over the hole on the toy and pin it in place.

3. Cut a string of thread about double the diameter of the toy patch and thread it through a needle. Align both ends of the thread and tie them in a knot.

4. Lift the edge of your patch slightly to fit your needle under it and the toy fabric. Feed your needle through the toy fabric and the patch and pull the needle out until your knot catches on the inside of the toy.

5. Feed the tip of your needle through the patch and toy fabric about 1/4th inch from where your needle just exited the fabric in the previous step. Tilt the needle up to have it come back through the toy and patch the fabric.

6. Pull your needle through to create a stitch. Repeat step 5
around the full perimeter of the patch.

7. Once finished, tie a knot at the base of the thread and
cut the remaining string!

8. Remove all pins before giving to your dog,
always inspect your toy for leftover pins after patching.

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Read a few FAQ to learn more

How long does it take for my order to ship?

While making each toy we can't help but imagine the dog's mouth it'll end up in and we don't want a single toy going untugged. That's why all of our products are made to order and can take up to 7 days from your order date to ship.

What makes your toys eco-friendly?

For our products, we only use eco-friendly materials and sustainable production methods. We use materials free of toxins and that have a low impact on our environment. All of our products are made by hand to cut down on the use of machines that use energy. Everything is also made locally in the US to avoid carbon emissions created to transport goods overseas.

Where do you get your materials?

One of our favorite things to do as a small business is to support our community and other small businesses! All materials come from other small businesses or businesses that follow sustainable and mindful practices. 

How is a dog toy or bandana vegan-friendly?

All of our toys and bandanas feature illustrations that are digitally printed onto fabric. Many commercial inks are petroleum-based and can contain animal products such as gelatin, animal fat, or bone char. We use water-based inks that not only contain no animal product but are non-toxic too! 

Do you accept custom orders?

We love collaborating with other businesses, creators, and dog parents! If you're looking to add a custom toy or bandana design to your shop or to give away for a special event, reach out to us at for more information!

My dog destroyed their toy! How do I properly dispose of it?

Each toy is 90% cotton and 10% EVA plastic squeaker. If your dog hasn’t already done so, separate the squeaker from the outer fabric and fluffy cotton fill. All fabric and filling can be recycled anywhere that accepts textile recycling. Reach out to your local recycling organization to see if they have any textile programs in place or suggestions on where to recycle textile scraps. While you’ve got them on the phone, ask if they accept EVA plastic to dispose of your squeaker as well! Need some help? Reach out to us at We're happy to answer any questions!

Do you accept returns?

We accept all unused/ unopened returns. For more information, check out our refund policy. If there's an issue with your order or you're not happy with what you received, please email us at