How It's Made

We always want to do things together with our furry children. Coffee runs for a puppuccino and an iced latte? Yes please.  Maybe you got yourself a plant and want to do the same for your pup. Or do you dance around with your pooch in your kitchen singing along to Don’t Stop Believing? We get it. 
Inspiration can come from anything and everything and once we have an idea, we start designing. We then take those designs, map them out and have them printed on a durable cotton linen canvas fabric.
After printing, we take our plush organic cotton Sherpa fabric, sew the two together and stuff it with 100% recycled textile cotton filling! Last, the squeaker is hand placed for maximum squeakage with each bite.
Once finished, each toy is packed in our eco- friendly and plastic free packaging made 100% from recycled and post-consumer-materials.
So, go ahead and spoil your dog. And when they’ve loved their toy to pieces, check the provided instructions to recycle it!