Established by a known-to-be dog-obsessed designer, Dirt & Dog Hair was founded by Beth McGrath and her dog/ soulmate Bella. After a few years working as a designer in the commercial dog industry, Beth became disturbed seeing firsthand all of the chemicals and emissions involved in creating the average dog toy. Being pretty fond of the earth (it is the only planet with dogs on it) she didn't want to continue designing something that was actively harming the environment. So in 2020, she set out to provide other dog parents with a more thoughtful and sustainable toy option for their dogs. Now, Dirt & Dog Hair toys have replaced their not-so-environmentally friendly counterparts in nearly 50 stores across the US and hundreds of dogs' homes!
Beth and Bella are passionate about improving the lives of all animals (although the neighborhood squirrels would say otherwise about Bella) and use their platform as a brand to educate and advocate for the ethical treatment of animals while also regularly contributing to shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries all over.

Eco-friendly doesn't have to look like a box of granola.

We're not sure who it was that decided that eco-friendly also meant "boring." Dog parents deserve to treat their dog to something thats just as vibrant as they are.

When our dogs are happy, we're happy. 

Its no secret how happy our dogs make us. So go ahead and treat yourself (ok, ok, your dog) to some cute shit that has a minimal impact on our environment!

No one should have to die for a dog toy, not even a beetle!

We see each animal for the individual they are and believe they have the right to live a happy life. None of our products contain materials, dyes, or inks derived from our animal or insect friends and are 100% vegan-friendly!

Designing with a product's lifecycle in mind.

The beginning and end of a product are often the least environmentally friendly parts. Many materials used in our dog's products release toxins when produced and once our dog is finished with the product it's likely destined for a landfill. To avoid this, we use materials that have a minimal environmental impact in production and that are naturally biodegradable.

Massloved > Massproduced

While making each toy we can't help but imagine the dog's mouth it'll end up in and we don't want a single toy going untugged. That's why all of our products are made to order!

Supporting Small businesses one dog toy at a time

We're proud to say that the great majority of our materials come from other small businesses and ALL of our materials come from eco-minded and sustainable businesses.