Toys are for tossing, not food! Each year, an estimated 133 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States alone. The best solution to avoid food waste is to simply not create it, but we know some times scraps happen. That's why we've come up with this DIY Broth recipe that will help make the most of your food scraps while giving your dog a cozy treat that will take their broth away!
The next time you're cooking, start setting aside any dog-friendly veggie scraps such as carrot tops, broccoli ends, celery bases, or potato peels! There are tons of veggies that are both healthy and tasty for your dog. Not sure what all is dog-friendly? Check out *ASPCA's poison control website ( for a list of foods you can share with your dog. Now that you've got some scraps, grab a large zip lock bag, re-usable produce bag, or even re-use your old take out containers to store your dog-friendly veggie scraps and place in the freezer. Keep filling your container with scraps as needed.
Once your bag or container is full, it's time to get cooking! Toss your scraps in a large soup pot and cover with water. Set your stove to medium heat and allow your scraps to simmer for about 2 hours. You can add seasoning or even a small pinch of salt for taste, just double check all spices are dog-friendly first! Don't want to keep an eye on your broth? Use a slow cooker instead and let your scraps sit on a low heat over night. Once your scraps have simmered, your broth is all done!
There are many ways you can give your homemade broth to your dog. You can pour a little over their kibble for some extra flavor and nutrients, make frozen popsicles, freeze on a lick mat, or use in place of water in any home cooked food or treats for your dog! Try a small amount of broth first to be sure it agrees with your dog's tummy and always check with your vet before feeding your dog anything new.
Most of the nutrients from your scraps will have transferred to your broth but you can still avoid leaving any waste behind by either composting your scraps or blending them up to act as a food topper for your dog!
*Dirt & Dog Hair is not affiliated with ASPCA or ASPCA Poison Control.
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