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Custom Toy Design

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Every dog is unique and we want to celebrate every little thing that makes them wag! Tell us a little about your dog's personality such as their strange obsessions, unique habits, or even about their best friend and we'll help come up with the perfect thing to draw in our signature style! We'll then take your dog's custom design and fabricate it into a toy they'll love!

 How It Works:

1. Add this toy to your cart! When ordering, leave in the comment section what you'd like us to draw OR tell us a little about your dog and we'll help to brainstorm what their perfect toy would be.

2. Once we've confirmed that we understand your vision, we'll get to drawing your dog's design in the same style that you can find featured on the rest of our toys.

3. When your design is done being illustrated, we'll send you the drawing to make sure you're happy with it.

4. We stop accepting custom toy designs on November 1st.

5. All custom toys ordered will be mapped on the same yard of fabric to avoid excess waste and sent for printing on November 5th.

6. Toys will be handmade with love in Brooklyn, NY, and sent out by December 1st to arrive in time for your holiday season!





What sort of toy can I expect?

Your toy will be roughly around 8", depending on the shape of it. It will be made like all of our other toys but this time will feature a design drawn for you in our signature style! Your custom artwork will be printed on our cotton-linen canvas using non-toxic and vegan-friendly inks. The back will include our cozy organic cotton sherpa and inside you'll find a giant blaster squeaker!

(If you want your toy to be 100% plastic-free, let us know and we'll leave the squeaker out!)

What sort of things can I have drawn?

Anything you'd like except for copyrighted imagery! Tell us about your dog's weird interests, strongest obsessions, best friends, or personality and we can help brainstorm the perfect design!

Why does it take so long to get?

All of our toys are printed on a yard of our cotton-linen canvas fabric. To avoid wasting fabric we place as many toys as we can on a yard of fabric before printing (this process is called fabric mapping). We want to give everyone's design the time it deserves which is why spots are open until November 1st! Printing takes a few weeks and after that, your toy will be made by hand and sent to you by December 1st.

Questions about our seasonal custom toys? Send us an email at and we’ll be happy to answer! 


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